Sports bike festival in spring CYCLE MODE TOKYO

Many people are hoping to have fun sports outdoor and live a healthy life in physically and mentally, but it is harder to get a chance nowadays, "sports bicycle" attracts big attention because you can exercise and keep yourselves healthy every day, maintaining social distancing.
Holding theme of "CYCLE MODE", biggest sports bicycle festival in Japan, is OUTDOOR and RIDE, we will appeal attractive of sports bicycle as experience-based event where you can discovery dairy fun with new normal.

Once you ride a bike, you can experience a relaxation in physically and mentally. That's the cycling magic!
Going to cycling road near your home, going to office on your bike, cycling for trip, camping, you can promote to visitors that the cycling has many possibilities.
We will manage the event so that all exhibitors, visitors, and staffs can spend their time safety while implementing infection prevention measures.
Please promote your products on CYCLE MODE TOKYO.

Special Contents

Now that people are required to avoid crowds in their daily lives, more and more people are switching from daily train commuting to "bicycles". This is an area that proposes a bike style that can be used not only for commuting but also for sports for those who have started a new way of commuting due to covid-19.


Increasingly popular "Gravel" and "Camp & Ride", Off-road bicycle are much popular in Japan. Some kind of Experience spots like off-road test course and woodwork for kids are in CYCLE MODE.


e-Bike is marking the possibility of sports bikes wider. The 6th edition of e-BIKE EXPO presents visitors new e-bikes and experiences with e-bikes on up-down test-ride course.


"CYCLE x Travel Fair" is most popular zone in CYCLE MODE. To any visitors who search anywhere they can ride sports bikes, a lot of local governments can introduce local cycling courses, tour info and cycling events.


The new plans for the promotion on Online event or WEB is coming up. These are for people who can not attend the exhibition with any reasons and you can reach potential customers through online event or web.

Planned Contents

1.Long Test Course

You can enjoy some test bikes on the long test course.

2.Workshops for Athletes

Learn the key technique and how to improve your skill.

3.Handmade Bicycle zone

World-class technologies for manufacturing original bikes.

4.Vintage BIKE Market

Vintage parts, clothes, accessaries and so on. Enjoy the treasure hunting!

5.Lesson corner before test ride

Lecture for road bike biginners. How to change gear and braking.

6.Kids test ride Kids Area

Learn how enjoy with sports bike under the rules.